Friday, June 18, 2010

Cam Install - 2008 FLHX

This 2008 Harley Davidson FLHX belongs to Eric in Atlanta.  I'm installing a set of Head Quarters Hurricane HQ-TC-500-HC cams and Screamin Eagle Race Tuner.  Already installed were Vance and Hines Classic slipons and SE high flow air cleaner.  After a bit of tuning, it really woke this stock 96" up.  If a complete build isn't in the budget, than our bolt in cams will give you a substantial power increase.  Big bang for the buck!

Pinion shaft runout was more than I like to see but it is within Harley-Davidson spec.


Jim said...

In the picture that shows you measuring the pinion shaft run out I see you are not doing it with the cam support plate in place. What is the reason for that? I may have missed something in TC building 101 but I was taught to take it both ways, cam plate on and cam plate off. The measurement with the plate on is the one that will tell you if you can run gears or not. Over .003 and no gears. I think HD gives you .006 or .009" can't recall and don't have the book in front of me but that is with just chain drive. Maximum runout as we know for gears is .003" but are you basing your reading with the plate off? Thanks and enjoy reading your stuff.

Jim said...

I see you took the pinion shaft run out without the cam plate in place. As that how you are determining your run out? I was taught that the cam plate has to be in place to get an accurate measurement to determine if you are within spec or not.
Are you judging your reading with the plate off and is this for gear or chain drive cams? Thanks.

Kevin Baxter said...

Hey Jim,
You are would be taken both without and with the cam plate. Taking it without tells me the true crank reading but eliminates the possiblity that the camplate is binding on the pinion shaft. Taking it with will reflect any issues with cam plate alignment if it causes a shift in the pinion shaft...which isn't likely.