Friday, January 30, 2009

Cam Chain Conversion vs Gear Drive

We get alot of questions about gear vs chain vs hydro tensioner conversions for 99-06 models. It seems Harley has come out with a great solution to the "conversion cam" problem. I haven't used this setup personally (but have used the SE billet cam plate) and find that to be a very nice piece. So...

If you are considering an upgrade from the stock 99-06 tensioner system and budget allows, my first suggestion would be to install gear drive since both would cost you the same money. However, some have found their crankshaft runout to exceed .003" which is beyond recommended runout for gear drive installation. The late model system is a fantastic setup and far better than the old spring style tensioner but gear drive, if in spec, is still superior to both. If you already have this type of system (07-current, I would not recommend changing to gear drive...again, the stock system is great).

Before this piece from Harley came out, you were forced to buy a "conversion cam" which was very limited and something Head Quarters decided not to do (were not the type to throw unnecessary parts at ya). But now, if you have a 99-06 and want to get rid of the old tensioners, and if your crank is out of spec for gear drive, this is a good alternative. It will cost you the same as a gear drive so the determining factor between this system or gear drive would be your crank runout.

To use with our cams, order a normal chain drive cam (1999-2006 expt Dyna). The outer cam and crank gears are replaced with the new style included in the kit and a spacer is utilized to make up the difference.

From Harley-Davidson: Part #25284-08 List $429.95

Requires spacer kit: Part #25285-08 List $17.95