Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pro Twin Performance Launch

Needless to say my first Head Quarters build as a customer was flawless and very powerful. In the years since, I became a part of the Head Quarters team, working with Doug to provide innovative products and unmatched quality. Pro Twin Performance Products is an extension of that promise to make your purchasing decision easy, provide convenience, and make the results predictable. Soon there will be a full product line of quality components, taking the guess work out of performance....and I commit to proving it to you.

Project Softail

Wow!! It's been a year since my last post? Has it been that long? Time flies. Glad to be back in the saddle. This year the blog and HQ forum is gonna be packed with new info to help you...until then...on to the fun stuff

Well guys here it is...the project Pro Twin Performance/Head Quarters softail is off the rack and on the road. I had a great time with the project because it combines the best of the best products, little bit of new, little bit of old, yet is easily done on a stock frame and is an absolute pleasure to ride! Thanks to the guys at Baker Drivetrain (James Simonelli), Samson Pipes (Kenny Price), Arlen Ness, Carlini, and Performance Machine.
2000 Softail
Lowered 1 1/2 inches front and rear
Uncut stock frame
4deg rake thru triple tree

Head Quarters (of course) 120 ST
HQ0033G Cams (HQ gears)
HQ6100 Ignition
Flywheels by Darkhorse Crankworks
SE 51mm Carb with HQ jet kit

This has to be the fastest motorcycle I've ever ridden...after a few miles I'll have "the sheet" but compared to others, I wouldn't be surprised to see 130+hp and 150+tq. It's absolutely STUPID fast.

Probably the most unique feature of the heads would be TRIPLE compression releases in each head! I utilized 2 HQ mech releases and the HD automatic compression releases. Wiring them in to work automatically with the start button on a 2000 carb model took a couple tricks with a relay but it works great. Even with that small stock battery, it starts like an absolute dream with zero effort it seems!

Stock transmission
Baker SBD Belt Drive System with outboard support and clutch
Final drive ratio 3.41
The rest of the list is a mix of PM controls and calipers, old school Ness wheels and a couple of goodies, Carlini bars, etc.