Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Lifter Install

Many say the best thing to do is to let your lifters soak in oil overnight before installing...if they are very good lifters, oil will not magically find its way into the lifter body. It's always a good idea to "preload" your lifters before running them. You are dealing with tolerances of .00001" when messing with's a tip:
  1. Cut off a 4" piece of 5/8 rubber heater hose and slide it over the top of the lifter but leave the small hole on the side exposed.
  2. Submerge the lifter into oil that you will be running in the engine and make sure the small side hole is in the oil.
  3. Use your hand to join the other end of the hose to a shop vac.
  4. Run the shop vac so that the oil will be sucked into the lifter.
  5. Check every 30 seconds or so...when you see oil puddling on the lifter plunger inside the hose, you know it's full and ready to be installed.
  6. REMEMBER!!! This will extend the time it takes for the lifters to bleed down for pushrod adjustment...MAKE SURE EACH VALVE IS SEATED before you rotate the engine or move to the next pushrod.

Happy Motoring!


Anonymous said...


Tony Hewitt said...

I have always left the lifters sitting in oil. Its some good info to know and I will have to try it!

Anonymous said...

This is EXCELLENT INFO for the at home builder!!!
How about a vid on pushrod adjustments!!????


Thanks Jason...that vid is actually coming next.

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